Characters not in place on time



HI, I’m right now getting used to creating stories, but right now I have a little, problem. When I place my characters in a specific zone , they don’t come in right now time. They kind of lag a little bit and I doesn’t look nice. It would be really helpful if someone could help me out. Thanks


can i see your script?




they both exit fyi


I think it should say AND RANDOM BOY does it while walk_sad

What is the rest where it saids AND?


CHARACTER exits left


Ok I get what you are trying to do. The way I do it is I actually put The character in the script but off screen example
@Character stands screen center
@Character spot 123 34 233

@pause for a beat

@Character exits right AND CHARACTER does it while walk_sad
Try that maybe there is an easier way but that is how i know how to do it


okay, thank you so much