Characters not performing action error

Whenever I preview my script, my character Ayla is not in the right spot. I must be making another careless mistake. Can anyone help me find where the error is?

&cut to zone 1 AND zoom on 81 0 to 130% in 0 AND ANALI faces right AND ANALI spot 0.569 -45 261 in zone 1 AND ANALI moves to layer 3 AND AYLA spot 0.452 172 287 in zone 2 AND AYLA moves to layer 0 AND AYLA is idle_sit_legsup_neutral_loop AND AYLA faces left

She does the idle_sit_legsup_neutral_loop animation, but she doesn’t face left and is not in the right spot.

Do you have a screenshot of your story?

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I’ll probably just try refreshing.

Sorry, I meant your story when you preview it. Can I see how Ayla looks when you preview your story? And can you show where it is you want her to be?

I just got an error. :sweat_smile: Maybe once I fix it, my script will work.

The script finally works! I separated the commands into two lines and refreshed a few times. Thanks for trying to help!