Characters not showing up

Hello, I’m new to scripting on Episode.

My problem is that my characters will not show up for some reason. I am using limelight.

I am sorry if this image makes you cringe. I do not know how to fully code.

I have tried doing that. Sadly, it didn’t work. No character shows up still…

Still doesn’t work…

Is the background showing up okay?


Uhh, maybe try specifying the zone?

I tried that… it didn’t work…

Ah, I’m sorry then. I have no idea :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s okay, thanks for trying to help

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No worries, hope you figure it out! @Dara.Amarie is great with coding. Maybe she will know?

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Have you tried using:

&KIKI stands upscreen left AND KIKI faces right

Sometimes if you use the @ instead of the &, characters don’t show up or they end up popping up.


Still didn’t work sadly… Thanks for trying to help though.

Of course, love. Hope someone can help you figure it out.

Maybe try taking away the transition?

Yeah, I tried that. Still didn’t work… Thanks for helping though.

No problem!

Dw guys Im retarded

I picked the wrong stuff after I chose the art style. So they were in boxes…

You can always submit a request here:
Maybe it’s a glitch. I have something like that but when I exit the story and go back in my character shows up