Characters or Duplicate Help

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I need help on something regarding my 2 main characters! I’m recently working on a story and it has 2 seasons (all in one story obviously)
However, if I want to change a hairstyle for the main character to keep for a second season, how do I keep it default without having to change it everytime? Do I need to create duplicate characters? Make a copy of them? How does it work?

Hopefully this makes sense :slight_smile:

Once you make a change to the character in the script, it will stay with that change throughout the story. Hope this clears that up.

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You don’t need to make a duplicate character. Just use the hairstyle change command and you’re good to go.

@CHARACTER changes hair into Hairstyle Name

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Thank you all. Much appreciated :slight_smile: But here’s one problem that confuses me. My story has where readers can customize the main characters every 4 or 5 chapters. Won’t it affect the default hairstyles?
To make it more clear my 2 main characters (Female MC and Male Love Interest) have their default hairstyles. However for seaon 2 I want to change their default hairstyles differently for Season 2. Unless I do a limited customize coding?

Then just do limited CC and don’t make your readers be able to change the hair

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Thank you :slight_smile: