Characters "popping up" when panning/cutting to scene

Hey guys!

I’m working on my first story and I’m almost done, just working about the last few bugs/glitches. I’m having this problem where all of the scenes at a new location start by showing the empty room and then my characters just pop up abruptly and it doesn’t look good. I’ve seen some other topics about this issue but none of the fixes have worked for me because I used “Directing Helper” to place them so it’s not as simple as placing the direction coding before the pan/cut code. When I try copying the whole stage and putting it before the pan/cut code, the characters end up starting in zone 1 and then it pans over and they pop up in zone 2 (where they’re supposed to be). I’ve tried putting in their location as zone 2 first but then they are standing in the wrong place and the zoom is off. Can anyone help me with this? I’m attaching a photo of code and scene preview.
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Use the & instead of the @ so everything happens at he same time.:tulip:

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I guess you use:
@CHAR spot
@CHAR2 spot

place all characters in all zones on the begining and all with & and than do the pan.

So when I pan thay are already there.

&CHAR spot … in zone 2
&CHAR2 spot… in zone 2
@pan to zone 2 in 3

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IT WORKED!! Thank you so much!! I’ve searched and searched and watched so many tutorials and I haven’t seen anything at all about &. Not only did you guys fix this problem but probably 20 more! I appreciate it!

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That worked!! Thank you so much!! That & trick fixed almost every other problem I had too! With all the research and tutorials I’ve watched, I don’t know how it never came up. I appreciate it!

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Awesome :yay: No problem happy to help :v::tulip:

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