Characters randomly appear when panning to a zone

So I’m trying to pan to a zone and have my characters already placed in it, but when the zone is panned to, they randomly appear once the panning stops does anyone know why?

Sorry for constantly asking so many questions Im just so confused lmao

Try this:
Use & to place them instead of @

Sorry if its really confusing I was messing around with it. Basically I want it to work like this: KYLIE and TAYLOR exits by running from a teacher then they see the teacher talking to KOLBY asking where they’ve ran to then I wanted it so pan back to KYLIE and TAYLOR being scared because they don’t want KOLBY to rat on them because KYLIE and TAYLOR are like right behind them but not too close to the point theyre in the same zone if that makes sense? I want it to pan back and forth from KOLBY and the teachers convo and to KYLIE and TAYLOR like shushing him or whatever. Maybe I have the zones wrong. Sorry if this was so confusing and unclear.

&KYLIE exits left AND KYLIE does it while run_neutral
@TAYLOR exits left AND TAYLOR does it while run_neutral

@pause for 2

@pan to zone 1

@KOLBY stands screen left AND KOLBY faces right

@KOLBY is yawn_bored

@MS CHAPPEL stands screen center AND MS CHAPPEL faces left

@MS CHAPPEL is talk_angry

    MS CHAPPEL (talk_angry)
    Where did those two girls run to?!

    KOLBY (eyeroll)
    Somewhere over--

@pan to zone 2

@KYLIE stands screen right AND KYLIE faces left

@TAYLOR stands screen right AND TAYLOR faces left

@KYLIE is talk_repulsed AND TAYLOR is mortified

Ok ill try right now

Before you @pan to zone 2, you can have:

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And before you pan to zone 1, can have:

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it worked! thank you!