Characters setting

So when I went to start my story and I went to go change the features on my character the character I origianally choose didn’t show up, every other feature is there except for the character, its just a white space. HELP

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Are you writing in Limelight?

If so, you may want to double check that you haven’t accidentally chosen --none-- for the face shape or body type.
It makes the character transparent.

Don’t worry it’s just being retarded it’s gonna work out eventually it’s gonna get tired of getting on your nurves

the same thing is happening to me and i don’t know what it is

Yeah, I am and I made sure that it was selected and i can change the features but it just won’t show up

You aren’t the only person to have this problem from what I’ve seen.
I suggest submitting a support ticket to the Episode team so they can help you fix it.

Here is the link:

Your support ID is under the settings tab in the app
I hope you get it fixed :slightly_smiling_face: