Characters Showing Up

Help! My script is written correctly, and my spotting is correct, but my character won’t show up. Even if I zoom out to look for him, I can’t find him. I’ve tried updating the script multiple times, but it still stays the same. My character ABBY shows up, but BGA doesn’t. My script looks like this:

@cut to zone 3
&ABBY spot .791 -164 361 in zone 3 AND ABBY faces left AND ABBY is lay_asleep_loop
&BGA spot .800 -228 391 in zone 3 AND BGA faces left AND BGA is lay_asleep_loop

Help me please!!!

It sounds like BGA is underneath ABBY since they’re both at the same spot doing the same thing

I thought that too, but when I moved ABBY, I still couldn’t find BGA.

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