Characters Sliding


My character got caught staring at his childhood crush out the window. I thought it would be like him to slide down in embarrassment. I’ve seen in some Episodes where when the characters get intimate, they slide down the screen. How do I do that? (Thank you!)


U can use the zoom


I believe this is what you mean :wink: :
@CHARACTER walks to spot % x y in s AND CHARACTER does it while animation*

*Here use an animation that works for you at the moment :wink: Hope it helps :slight_smile:


When I did it, the character slide a different dirrection. This is what I typed:
@William walks to spot 0.884 90 188 in 5 and William does it while eyes_closed.

What did I do wrong? And thanks for the quick response!


Nevermind, I got what you mean! Thank you love! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


That’s good :smile: No problem :two_hearts: