Characters speaking Simultaneously


I would like to know if there is anyway to have two characters to speak simultaneously, besides doing the same action. Like, legitimately.
I am mainly trying to have two characters say the word “Wow!” in sync for a specific scene in my Spotlight story.

Thank you if you can help!

(Unsure if this goes here still. Feel free to move it if possible!)


No there isn’t technically.

But how I do it is have them make some kind of talking behavior at the same time and use a NARRATOR box


@CHAR1 is talk_sad AND CHAR2 is talk_happy

BOTH: Let’s break up!!!


Thank you!

Instead of using just narrator though, I’ll be doing this:

Making a character called BOTH (doesn’t matter what they look like, won’t appear)
And do






On the topic of simultaneous though, will that work in Spotlight?


Not sure, don’t think so


No harm trying!


Do it!


It… kind of works. Let the LOLs begin when I get all 1500 lines, so its 3 episodes so I can publish LOL.


Closing as this seems to have been resolved :slight_smile: