Characters spot direction

Please guys how can i make a character lay on this bed?

Using sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop animation


Thanks in advance

Step 1. You’ll need to put the characters on screen:

INT. MINT BEDROOM - DAY (<-- your bg here)
&CHARACTER spot 1 100 100 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop

:point_right:t3: “spot 1 100 100” can actually be any number but that’s what I put before properly spot directing a character.
:point_right:t3: “zone 2” because as I see the bed is in zone 2

If the scene has no following scenes after you can continue with Step 2.

See here

You’ll need to “pause” the scene so that you can spot direct your character in peace. Most people do that with:

Any text…

Or some do that with:

@pause for 10000 (<-- or any amount of time you find enough for directing the scene)

However I find the first solution better because that way you can move to the next scene with one click.

Step 2. Preview the scene. Then click on “Show Helpers”, then “Spot Directing”. Then drag your character to where you want them to be, use “Switch to: Scale” if necessary.
Then you can copy the spot number that’s shown under the previewer in place of “1 100 100”.

Hope this helps! Sorry if that was too much information, I don’t know how familiar you are with directing :sweat_smile:
Also I highly recommend watching Joseph Evans’ tutorials on YouTube!
And feel free too hmu when you need more help :blush:

thanks so much

i actually tried this already but i want to know how i can let my characters sleep vertically

To sleep vertically you’d have to use overlays, both for the bed and your character. There aren’t any vertical sleeping animations in the portal other than the sleep sitting one (idk about limelight).

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as briannlynn says you cant do it by normal commands .also because this bed is in big perspective it will not be that easy to make it look natural even with overlays…therefore there is not such animation because of the perspective.

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