Characters staying in a bed!

I’m trying to make two characters talk to each other, but there is a problem. Taylor is in a hospital bed, but when it switches to Taylor for him to talk, his entire body is not on the bed anymore. I want him to stay on the bed while he’s talking What do I do?

The background I’m using for this scene: INT. HOSPITAL BED - DAY

Here’s what they say to each other:

YOU (talk_neutral)
Hey, how are you feeling?
TAYLOR (talk_neutral)
I’m ok, a little light-headed if you ask me.
YOU (talk_neutral)
Well, do you remember anything?
TAYLOR (talk_neutral)
All I remember was…

I’m gonna do a flashback after the last line. I don’t need to worry about this part right now.

You have to use the talk_neutral_lay animation instead of talk_neutral


Your welcome. :grin:

Ok, now the speech bubble is a little off. Its at the top of the screen instead of below the character that is in the hospital bed. Weird!

You can change the speech bubble in directing helper. Just don’t forget to reset it then!