Characters still needed for new story (LAST CHANCE)!

Hello again :blush:! I am still in need of characters for my first story(LL). If you would like, please drop your character details below since requests will be closing soon. Also, there is a bit of a choice for this next part. As my story will heavily revolve around school, there are some uniforms choices to pick from. But, you can still add your characters default clothing since they might appear in other scenes. You can also ask or say what role you want to be, if that role is available (Cousin, close friend, enemy, and so on.)

Please list your character’s personality and hobbies as well. If you have any other questions (such as accessories, other features and etc.) please let me know. Thank you!



~UNI 1~


~UNI 3~


~UNI 4~ :x: FULL

~UNI 5~

~UNI 6~


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