Characters talking without animations

Hello & thanks for your time. I’ll put here the whole scene I need help with:


@transition fade in black 1
@cut to zone 3
&MELANIE spot 0.303 209 423 in zone 3 and MELANIE faces left and MELANIE is think
@MRS HAMILTON spot 0.725 161 248 in zone 1 and MRS HAMILTON faces left and MRS HAMILTON is talk_arms_crossed_loop
@PRINCIPAL LEWIS spot 0.725 72 244 in zone 1 and PRINCIPAL LEWIS faces right and PRINCIPAL LEWIS is nod_loop
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
@SKYLER spot 0.309 253 424 in zone 3 and SKYLER faces left
@zoom on 895 281 to 391% in 2
SKYLER (talk_doubtful)
Why did you run away?
@MELANIE faces right and MELANIE is shush
@SKYLER starts talk_repulsed
MELANIE (talk_angry_accuse)
Shut up!
SKYLER (talk_neutral_deny)
What crawled up your @#&?
@MELANIE is disappointed
MELANIE (talk_doubtful)
Are you that blind?
MELANIE (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
Over there.
@MELANIE faces left
@SKYLER is think
@SKYLER is search
@pan to zone 1
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 2
@SKYLER is flirt_fingersnap and MELANIE is shush
@PRINCIPAL LEWIS is talk_airquotes
@MRS HAMILTON is laugh_chuckle and PRINCIPAL LEWIS is laugh_giggle
@MRS HAMILTON is talk_gossip and PRINCIPAL LEWIS is listen_gossip
@pan to zone 3
@zoom on 895 281 to 391% in 2

So basically, when the camera moves back to Skyler and Melanie they have awkward face expressions and I’ve seen in some stories as characters talk with those awkward faces, not moving, and they were regular speech bubbles, not NARRATOR speech bubbles so I’m wondering how can I do this? My guess is tappable speech bubbles overlays, but I may not know something that can solve the problem without overlays. So your help is very appreciated.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean but if you want them to stay the same and talk you just have the characters name (no parenthesis, no animation right next to the name) then the dialogue in the next line


I’m not quite sure what you mean either, but I’m guessing those awkward expressions with mouths moving (if that’s what you mean?) would be mouth overlays and the speech bubbles would just be the standard bubbles.

If you’re trying to use regular bubbles but don’t know how:

CHARACTERNAME (animation here)
Dialogue here.

OR like @l12beth has said:

Dialogue here.

With the latter not having any animation assigned to the dialogue.


Thank you so much, I’ve already solved that. And I had to use this script, not usually speech bubbles:

Dialogue here.

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