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I’m trying to wright a story but as i’m writing I noticed that when I use a talking animation on my character, that they won’t stop doing the animation even after they’ve finished their dialogue. I don’t know how to fix this. Can someone help me?


Make sure the animation doesn’t end in loop.
Loop will cause the action to repeat itself.


@Sabrixms You can get help from the tutorials available in the portal…


I tried without the loop and it says that the actions does not exist or is incorrect. I’m probably writing it wrong tho. Could you give me an example?


I’ll look into that.
Thank you


Your welcome :smiley:


The loop animations basically repeat the characters action.

For example:

Gaius (talk_arms_crossed)
Why are you looking at me?

Gaius (talk_arms_crossed_loop)
Why are you looking at me?

talk_arms_crossed and talk_arms_crossed_loop are 2 different animations.

If you do the animation (talk_arms_crossed_loop), Gaius would continue to repeat that animation after his dialogue. It’s a loop.

The animation without the loop (talk_arms_crossed) would end the animation after his dialogue.
It doesn’t end in loop therefore, it’s not a looping or repeating action.


What’s the action you’re trying to do?


I have two characters talking to each other. I wanted one of them to talk neutral, but I could only find talk_neutral_loop.


There is no talk_neutral_loop animation.

If you look on the side of your script;
Click Behaviors By Character
Clicking on a characters name in that list will show you all the animations the character can do.

There is a talk_neutral_arms_crossed_loop, If that’s something you’d be interested in.


Thanks for the help and advice I’ll try it out.


You’re Welcome!
Let me know if it works out. :blush:


That depends on animation, I mean if you used for example talk_arms_crossed_loop the character will never stop talking you have to come with another animation after the line, for example:

ALLY (talk_arms_crossed_loop)
Hi there.

@ALLY is arms_crossed (this animation is just like idle but with your arms crossed)
Also you can put any animation you want.

I hope I could help you! :kissing_heart:


Thank you very much. I’ll keep that in mind when writing.


How do you make characters talk in INK?


I have tried it a million ways and it keeps saying error!