Characters walk in while others are talking?

How can I make another character walk in while others are having an ongoing conversation?
I’ve been trying to have another character walk into the scene while two others are talking but every time I try it, they won’t walk in at the time I indicate and instead they will walk in before their own line, and they will levitate in instead of walking.

This is what my direction looks like:

&character1 walks to spot 1.140 77 123 in zone 2
Character2 (talk_explain_neutral)

They never walk in during this line like how I want, they only ever walk in after, and they don’t even walk they levitate. I can’t change it to an @ either, because then the other character will not speak until they walk in, which is not what I want.

&character1 walks to spot 1.140 77 123 in zone 2 in #

For the # you put the number of seconds

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Adding onto the message above, you should also include the animation, so:
&CHARACTER1 walks to spot 1.140 77 123 in zone 2 in # AND CHARACTER1 is walk_neutral


Can you post a screenshot of your script and show the lines above that part?

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I want Lachesis to be able to walk in during the middle of this dialogue, but she keeps levitating in right before her own line instead.

Add on the:

so she won’t levitate.

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This might be because you’re tapping too quickly between the dialogue. If you tap too quickly before she finishes walking to her spot, she will go straight to the talking animation for her dialogue.

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That makes sense, thank you!

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