Characters Wanted! ( Ink + LL )

I need characters!!!
I have a couple storys I’m making!!!
I’m making LL and INK so if you want to be a part of this do these 5 easy steps…

  1. Tell me if your character is Ink or LL ( or both )…( Also feel free to send me 2 of the same category!!! I’ll either have them interacting or I’ll put them somewhere else if they’re needed… )

  2. Send me your character details ( names also please you can make up names if you want )

  3. Give me a way to credit you!!! ( Instagram, episode name, forum name, etc )

  4. Let me know if your okay with being a main character!!! ( If I want you to be I’ll pm you! )

  5. If you have any questions…just ask!!! I’m on pretty frequently…but sometimes I’m a bit busy…so I’ll reply as soon as I can!!!

Alright if you can do those 5 steps…then I’d be more than happy to insert you in my story!!!


Credit: insta @/episode.isabella.unicorn

Name: Isabella (Nickname: Izzy)
Hair: Wavy Long (Dirty Blonde)
Face: Heart Soft
Eyebrows: Arched Thin (Deep Brown)
Eyes: Round Medium (Green Emerald)
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Full Heart Pouty (Pink Beige Gloss)
Body: Copper 00



And are you ok with either of them being main characters?

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Here is my Ink and Limelight characters.
I would be happy to be the main character :blush:

Can be credited as @Forever1201


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I should’ve said this before but do they have names?

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Their name is Katheryne


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Main characters if possible



Credit by Ayu-chan

Limelight :yay:
Name: Cosmic

Credit: Episode Name (CStation) Or Instagram (@cstation7) Either is fine

Credit, instagram laura_eps
Main character if you choose of course

Credit: anna_blossom_episode
I am fine with being mc
Name: Anna Moon
Style: limelight

Skin neautral 02
Brows arched thing deep brown
Hair long high ponytail dark brown
Eyes round medium hazel
Face round soft
Nose round button upturned
Lips full round pouty rose light nude matte


@Allstar_chick, do you need a description of the personality?

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Yeah sure! Go for it!

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You can use this (LL)

Body colour-rose00
Face shape-diamond
Brow-arched natural(platinum blonde)(in pic it’s different)
Hair-long curls (platinum blonde)
Eyes-female generic (aqua blue)
Lips-full heart pouty (pink hot matte)
Nose-defined natural
I hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:
Credit @stories by heart

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You can also use this(ink)

Body colour-ivory
Face shape-soft heart
Hair-half rebel shaved (white)
Brow-seductive arch
Eyes-upturned bold(purple/violet)
I hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:
Credit @stories by heart

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And sure you can use them as MC.

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  1. INK
  2. DIANA 30
    skin : light, nose: elven, brows: seductive round, lips: classic scarlet, eyes: brown upturned bold , hair: blue light diva curls , face shape : oval
  3. Shadow The Psycho : episode name
  4. I don’t care if I am a MC or not
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Name- Dani
Skin- Rose 04
Brows- Arched natural (black dark)
Hair- Long feathered bangs blunt (black dark)
Eyes- Hooded slender almond eyeliner (blue green)
Face shape- diamond
Nose- Grecian soft
Lips- Small heart (rose light nude gloss)

Name- Owen
Skin- Rose 04
Brows- Generic (black dark)
Hair- Wavy Quiff (black dark)
Eyes- Deepset Downturned Lidded (blue green)
Face shape- Chiseled Angular
Nose- Straight Pointed
Lips- Full Heart Natural (rose light nude matte)
(Owen also has a Beauty Mark Mole Eye)

I hope u like these.
I did a guy too just in case u wanted one :slight_smile:
Also I don’t mind if they are main characters
Credit- My episode name is M O R G A N

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Name: Iris
Surname: Carrillo
Credit: kendycrush

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Name: Asha!!

Hair: long braids (black)
Skin color: dark
Face shape: oval
Eyebrows: seductive round
Eyes: upturned bold (black)
Nose: round
Mouth: full round (scarlet)

Clothes: you can choose!!:grin:

You can use her as main character!!

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Name: Asha!!

Hair: afro (black dark)
Skin color: copper 09
Face shape: diamond
Eyebrows: arched thick (black dark)
Eyes: deepset downturned (black brown)
Nose: round broad
Mouth: full heart (violet)

Clothes: you can choose!!:grin:

You can use as main character!!

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