Characters wanted to practice!


I wanna practice a little with doing character edits and gain some examples.

So if you could send an IMAGE of your character it would be highly appreciated! Thanks!


Hi good luck :slight_smile:



Thanks a lot! I will have it in about 30 minutes!


Thanks :slight_smile:


Here. Good Luck!! <3


The quality of the image wasn’t that good, but I am still happy about how it looks @HopeFrvr!


Sorry and thank you :slight_smile: it’s great :slight_smile: :heart:


Sorry I completely missed your character, I will work on it now!


Ok, no problem!! <3


LL is hard for me, it’s so perfect that I don’t know what to edit, changed some minor things and added blush, freckles and birthmarks! @Daisy_Flower1


I love it!! I think it is amazing!! <3
Could I use ut a my new profile pic?


Sure! And thanks!


Ok I will be sure to tag you!! <3


Hey if you still need to practice