Characters with male "actor" not animating

I originally thought this was bad directing. I noticed it a few months ago when the male lead of a featured story wasn’t animating when he was speaking or walking. His mouth stayed closed through the speech bubbles, and then he would glide standing from spot to spot.

I noticed it a few more times with other male characters in both featured and community stories, and I still thought it might be a directing error. Then today I finally closed out of a story with the problem, went back in, and the male character in question resumed animating. It seems similar to the issue with clothes disappearing or characters going off-screen. You can correct it by closing the story or app… but ideally there wouldn’t be anything to correct at all.

Has anyone else had this error, or am I experiencing a series of extremely weird coincidences? :sweat_smile:


I’ve experienced this as well with both the males and females. Especially in Blood Lust, the MC would often just not be animated and slide to spots exactly like you described (it was hilarious tbh).

I should have recorded it, but it was often coupled with some characters not appearing on screen along with usually at least one character not being animated.


It is REALLY funny when they glide around. :rofl:

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Same. It’s happened to me, but with males and females


The first time I saw her levitate to her spot while facing rear, I laughed for two minutes straight lmao!!

But I wonder if all the glitches is a product of them testing out all the stuff they claim are glitchy.

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I’ve noticed that on a few stories recently and was about to make a post myself lol. I’ve only noticed it with males so far- they’re just standing there, not animating or talking or anything. At first I also thought it was bad directing or that I’d tapped too fast, but it’s been a few stories now :rofl:


I’m glad I’m not the only one!

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I’ve only seen the no-animating glitch once, in a featured story, and I think it mostly affected female characters. :thinking: Then again, it was a while ago.

I usually get the disappearing characters glitch any time I press the home button in the middle of reading (to check another app) and then come back. I feel like it’s mostly male characters who vanish (then again, maybe that’s just because female characters have more screen time…?). I’ve gotten used to exiting and entering the story to fix it, it doesn’t even faze me anymore lmao.

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