Characters without an outline {OPEN}

Hi everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Lately I’ve noticed a lot of people who have characters in a cover/splash etc, tend to have an annoying outline of the color used for the character’s background. Which is hard to escape from, it’s extremely time consuming and complex without the right tools to get rid of the annoying outlines
If anyone wants a character jpeg/png without the outline surrounding the character, i’m open to doing it!

Example of what I mean

In picture one, this character has the white outline around her due to transparency issues.

I use a photo editing program that takes away that flaw!

If anyone wants their characters to be free of this minor issue, all I ask is that you leave a picture of your INK or LL character down below, with any color drop EXPECT black.



Omg, this is A HUGE HELP! Seriously, I’ll request when I need to!


Omg thanks. My OCD kills every time I see that white outline

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what program do you use? i hate that outline too. lol

What do you use?
I hate it too, my OCD is really bad.

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I use Clip Paint Studio!!

If you have any characters who need it removed, let me know.


Clip Paint Studio!
It’s $50, but I got it on sale for 25!


awesome, thanks! :smiley:

I need help!

that’s the background! Thank you so much!!

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Okay, here it is!!


If you’d like the characters on another side, or the middle…Let me know ^-^

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ITS perfect you’re a lifesaver! I might use your help a lot!

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Yes, of course anytime!! :smiley:

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Hi! I replied on your topic earlier :slight_smile:

I’d love if you can cut this out! Just make it a png…



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Done! :heart_decoration:

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Thank you! Is it the full picture? Sorry it just turns into half of it…

Lol, my bad…I saved it without the whole body…Let me fix that!

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It’s awesome thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey! Can you take the background of this character:


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Thanks girl! :heart: