Characters wont appear! help please!

Hi! I’m a new writer! when I play my preview, everything seems to be working fine, but my characters wont show up in the preview. Does anyone know what might be causing this and how to fix it? I am using the Limelight.

Did you try it on your mobile phone?

Yes, I wanted to be sure it wasn’t just my computer. Even on mobile they don’t appear.

try reloading, that usually works for me.

Maybe you can post a screenshot of your code? Then I might find you mistake :slight_smile:

I had to use my phone to screenshot my computer doesn’t do screenshots, I hope that doesn’t change anything

hmm sorry, I can’t really find something wrong (except for the dot after the coding for exiting)

try reloading or redoeing parts of the code, that might help

okay, thank you!