Characters won't show up


Basically, my characters won’t show up. I am new to coding. And I have copied from youtube videos, my friend ,who is also new to coding but hers works, I even try new styles instead of limelight. Even if my coding has no errors or bugs, my characters still won’t show up.

I have tried to do what other people said in the forums, but it still doesn’t work.
Is there something wrong with my acc? Or maybe the website for me?


Thats Not A Right Code


Is SHould Be

@CHARACTER stands screen left or right
@CHARACTER faces left or right


I have also tried viewing if the characters would show up on my phone. Sadly, they didn’t show up.


Maybe try making a new story? OR try exiting the story?


I have tried doing that, multiple times… Nothing has shown up.


Im retarded


This seemed to be happening to another user.

Please submit a ticket to admin.


let one of the moderators know you have submitted a ticket :slight_smile: