Characters won't show up

Basically, my characters won’t show up. I am new to coding. And I have copied from youtube videos, my friend ,who is also new to coding but hers works, I even try new styles instead of limelight. Even if my coding has no errors or bugs, my characters still won’t show up.

I have tried to do what other people said in the forums, but it still doesn’t work.
Is there something wrong with my acc? Or maybe the website for me?

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I have also tried viewing if the characters would show up on my phone. Sadly, they didn’t show up.

Maybe try making a new story? OR try exiting the story?

I have tried doing that, multiple times… Nothing has shown up.

Im retarded

This seemed to be happening to another user.

Please submit a ticket to admin.


let one of the moderators know you have submitted a ticket :slight_smile: