Characters won't turn around

Hi, so my characters won’t face the camera after walking in rear. I’ve tried swapping around the “& starts rear” command but nothing seems to work.

Here’s the script:
@JOHNATHAN MAYWEATHER walks to spot 0.967 210 190 in zone 3 in 1.5 AND JOHNATHAN MAYWEATHER is walk_neutral_rear AND JOHNATHAN MAYWEATHER faces right AND ELIZABETH walks to spot 0.895 116 201 in zone 3 in 1.5 AND ELIZABETH is walk_neutral_rear AND ELIZABETH faces left


Maybe swap the directions. So MAYWEATHER faces left
ELIZABETH faces right

Nope, they’re still facing rear.

that’s because you put them in a rear animation, replace it with ‘idle’ instead

Thank you! That was driving me insane for the longest time.

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no problem! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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