Charcater walking problems

Hey so i’m a new writer and i have a slight problem with my storycoding. I have multiple characters walking and they are covering one another if that makes sense. Like they aren’t walking in a line. Any tips to fix this?

Script below:


@pan to zone 1

@AMBER moves to layer 1 (walk_neutral_loop)
Did you bring your perfume? I left mine in the car.

@AUDREY moves to layer 2 (walk_neutral_loop)
Yea I got it-

    AVA (walk_neutral)
Oh my!

@pan to zone 3

    PENELOPE (think_rubchin)
So this is the school

@cut to zone 1

@zoom on AUDREY to 200% in 0

    AUDREY (react_shocked_gasp)
Who is that!

@zoom reset

@pan to zone 3

    PENELOPE (idle_happy_loop)
Time for a fresh start i guess

You could do
@CHARACTER walks to spot xyz in 0.5
@CHARACTER walks to spot xyz in 1.5
@CHARACTER walks to spot xyz in 2.5
Or were you not doing spot directing?

Sorry if this doesn’t work how you want, I didn’t test it out on my laptop

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Thanks I’ll try it!!! The xyz is like “moves to spot 1”?

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No like…
@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.319 247 182 in 0.5

Not the real position, don’t put this in your script!

Here! Try this instead

&pan to zone 1 in 2.1
@AMBER walks to spot ##### in 2.1 AND AMBER does it while walk_neutral_loop AND AMBER moves to layer 1

ok ok thanks!!

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The “####” featured above is where you put the coordinates.
Example: 1.22 150 50

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Do you want me to just code it for you?


Idk if I’m explaining it clearly :sweat_smile:

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That would literally mean everything!!! Yes please!! sorry i’m new to the coding thing


Hun, if you want you can PM me and I can help teach you a bit better?

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Alright I’ll be done in like, 5 minutes :grin:



So to be clear, you want one walking in behind the other, and then she turns to her and asks her if she has perfume?

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ok thanks

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Wait, I don’t really understand what you out above, when the two girls stop to talk about the perfume, do the others keep going, or are they all together so they all stop?

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It would be cool if they could all keep walking.

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