Charmer's Help Service! (HIRING) (IG ACC is a must.)

This thread is recruit members for IG grp called “Charmer’s Help Service” where the members become a charmer and help others to improve on their story. Members will mostly be needed to be Story Reviewers who are active and knows how to behave with others. I am looking for some awesome and kind people to work with.


  • Your Name:
  • Your IG acc:

That’s all I need. Group chat will be made and currently accepting only a few members. Dm the main acc @epi.coolcharmer for further doubts.



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How much would like us to help? It sounds like a good idea, but what if you can make various groups? What would we actually be helping with, just reviewing?

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@brittanysmith I dont want to go for all. I want to do one and best. Its only review for this time. a reviewing grp

I will msg you on ig hun

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@Melissa.J I just dmed you hun from @epi.coolcharmer

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