Chase scene help (LL story)

I need help in coding for a chase scene in my story. What I’m trying to get to happen is that you can only see the MC and not the person who is following here. This is what I have so far I would really appreciate the help!

if you want to see only MC and not the one fallowing her then you do not need to put him to the scene. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: So I am really not sure what exactly is the problem of your scene - can you maybe describe more in detail what is not working or with what you need help with?

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Well what I wanted is to have her be followed and only see the feet of the person that’s following.

You’ll have to use zooming I think
Like zoom at the place the character will walk to and so

OK can you copy me here your script so I can check it in my portal?

I see you use zooms maybe is the problem in wrong using of them or wrong using of &…

But I have to replay your scene … I cant figure out how it looks just from the coding.

Here’s the codes.


@MARIAH spot .916 -92 169 in zone 1 at layer 2

&MARIAH walks to spot .916 224 125 in zone 1 AND MARIAH is walk_worried_loop

    As I was leaving the auditorium I felt like I was being watched.

&MARIAH walks to spot .916 207 103 in zone 2 in 5

&zoom on 66 0 to 414% in 0

&zoom on 250 0 to 414% in 3

&CHARACTER 9 spot 1.006 -46 135 in zone 1 at layer 1

&CHARACTER 9 walks to spot 1.006 235 116 in zone 1 in 3

@pause for 2

     I need to speed up a little to make sure I make it home.

&zoom on 66 0 to 414% in 0

&zoom on 250 0 to 414% in 5

&CHARACTER 9 walks to spot 1.006 104 116 in zone 2 in 5

@cut to zone 2

@zoom on 606 331 to 206% in 0

     Who or whatever is following me has sped up there past as well.

    MARIAH (talk_afraid)

So I replayed your scene and it works pretty well in my opinion.
I am realy not sure what the problem is…you zoom on his feet as you intended… it seems to me it looks like you described that you want it to look like…

I really need more detail what exacly sou see as not working or what exactly you need help with.

Sorry for not really making to much sense. :sweat_smile: I had been trying to code to cut from the guy walking and keeping the focus on the shoes. The MC running and keeping the focus on the upper half of her body and eventually getting caught at the end of the scene.

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