(CHATROOM) Has anything Paranormal has happened to you?

Once I was in my brother’s room with my sister and I was under the covers and she turned off the lights, I heard her go downstairs (note: EVERYONE WAS DOWNSTAIRS, having a dance party for some reason) I heard footsteps and creaking doors, and other noises, in the room, I STARTED SCREECHING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS for my father (I was a child back then) and they ran up and the door was LOCKED! They had to get the key and save me. My sister said she didn’t lock it tho,


A PARANORMAL chatroom?! LOVE IT!!!

Ohh man I would have been hella freaked out!

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My boyfriend and I are paranormal enthusiasts! We live for ghosts and unsual experiences!

Just this last Saturday (April 7th) we went on a paranormal investigation at the RMS Queen Mary (a retired World War II ship that’s been docked in Long Beach, CA for decades). It’s also one of the most haunted locations in the USA. We’ve been wanting to investigate this place for years and we finally did it!

It was a slow night, but a couple of weird things happened in the span of the 4 hour tour. We were in the boiler room, which is the very very very bottom of the ship. At the end of the boiler room, there was a completely pitch black dark creepy room. No one wanted to go in there and investigate because we were all to scared lol. But then me, my boyfriend, and 2 other investigators decided to just get it over with. While we were in there (keep in mind we cannot see anything at all, no flashlights), we started doing EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) sessions, where you record sound and try to see if you can find a voice in the recording later on. Anyways, one of the investigators asked “If anyone is in here, can you make a noise?” Then 10 seconds later there’s a LOUD BANG about 5 feet away from me! I screamed of course haha. We found the source of the sound. The door to that room just slammed shut! Everyone who was outside of that room said there was no one over there who could have shut that door… I have the bang (and my scream lol) on a recording.


Once I was at my best friend’s house and I woke up in the middle of the night. Dehydrated. It was only us in the house. NO ONE ELSE. I went to get water but the tap wasn’t working. I would turn the cold water and it wouldn’t pour out water. I had left my phone on the counter and when I turned around, it was gone. I turned back around and the water was working. The next day I asked my Bff if she had it. She denied it. 2 years later and I still don’t have it…

PARANORMAL CHATROOM OMG THIS WILL BE THE SCARIEST CHAT EVER.Thank god nothing happened to me like that.Guys make sure you don’t make such things up just to add a reply here because I believe that will happen to you in real. :thinking:

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Nothing paranormal but I got some real scary deja vu happen to me; I had a dream one day about me and my friends getting on a train and travelling to somewhere far (outside London) and then a few days ago we got on the wrong train to a place called benfleet which was a 30 minute train ride from where we were but the scariest thing was, in my dream there was a man who wore a black jacket and told us we are on the wrong train and in real life the man who told us was wearing a black jacket. I don’t know, it scared me and I wanted to share it :joy:

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I remember doing a host tour Aarat insane asylum while there everything was fine until I went into the males section. While there felt like someone was watching me also felt like someone walked through me then I got so enraged at the person doing the tour I actually wanted to kill her never felt anger like that before or since.
What was creepy is after we left I always felt like someone was watching me lasted 3 months it was that bad I couldn’t sleep in my room.
At the 3 month mark I miscarriaged badly I was (15 weeks along)then went away until I got pregnant with my son then I kept feeling like someone was trying to touch my belly.
Now my son is 3 complains their a ghost and Matilda won’t leave him alone not sure if it’s related as we named the first child we lost Matilda.

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I think the most strangest thing for me was I woke up in a different bed in the house . . . than the one I fell asleep in . . . XD

One day my friends were I were having a sleepover, and then we invited lot’s of people, there was this one girl who was very creepy and she started become possessed, she was bleeding from her nose, it was pretty disgusting, before that we did the Ouija board, and holly crap I ain’t doing that again.

should’ve saw this thread earlier!! idk if this counts as paranormal, but it was pretty scary for me (and i actually need help figuring out what happened to me)


i’m usually a sound sleeper, but something happened to me last night for the first time, and hopefully the last.
i know we all have a fair share of bad dreams but this feels different
it’s not the first time i had a dream about a terrorism or some kind of mass shooting at someplace i know or go to, like a school or even just somewhere around cali
i don’t know if i can call this a dream because it was very short, i was awake for all of it, and i remember it vividly

i woke up at 5 a.m. to the noises of wind and lots of cars speeding by across the streets.
i was fully aware of all my senses. i wasn’t sleepy at all, but i couldn’t move.
i just heard all these whirs and screeches; all kinds of noises in a commotion right outside my window, but i didn’t get up to open the blinds. i feel like i couldn’t get up at all

i just laid there in silence while this wreck or whatever was happening outside was just sending chills down my body. i thought i heard the sound of planes, cars crashing into each other, and even gunshots at one point.
my neighborhood isn’t the safest so i wasn’t as scared as i would’ve been if i lived somewhere peaceful, but i was still pretty terrified

i closed my eyes for just a bit and remembered a time where there was a fire in the house next to me and it was pretty close to us, so i thought we’d have to evacuate
i also started recollecting little bits of another dream i had where our entire school separated and fled in random, jumbled groups at least a hundred miles across california

the ‘noises’ or whatever i heard got louder. i started to hear shouting and banging. a bright, white flash of light flashes like sparklers in my eyes and i felt like i was blinded for at least two seconds.
i finally was able to wake up a while after that. everything was dark, but my vision eventually came back.
i still didn’t feel safe because my mom wasn’t awake, even though it was past 4:30 a.m.
i waited a while until the light from the other room turned on. then i felt like i could finally breathe.

i still don’t really know what this is or what happened. i don’t really expect anyone to help me out with this but if someone could give me some kind of idea what went on with me that’d be cool??

I have only had two paranormal happenings in my life. They we miracles rather than anything bad.

Note that I was bullied in middle school a lot and I always carried a huge binder because I rare went to my locker.

One day, in 6th grade, I was in a classroom while talking to an old friend of mine. We were getting ready to leave for our next class. The girl that I thought would have been my friend betrayed me months ago and also started bullying me too. Well, she hit on her way out of the door. I got so angry and fed up that I lifted my huge binder and went to whack the girl with it. Here is the paranormal part, I felt two strong but gentle hand grab my wrist.

A soft manly voice said into my ear, “Stop.”

I tried to move, but I could not move my body at all. I was stiff. The girl turned around because the other students saw me and warned her. She said to me, “You’re not gonna do it.”

I tried to move again so I could hit her, but the manly voice told me, “Just let it go.”

I thought to myself. Fine. The bulIy walked out the door. I was finally able to move and lower my binder. I was so mad at first, but a nice aura swept over me to soothe my upset. Then, I searched around to find the person, but he was nowhere to be found. I knew my friend hadn’t stopped me because he was far on the other side of them room, still in that one stop.

I finally realized it was… God? As strange as that day was, IT WAS SOOO FREAKING COOL!! And, if it wasn’t God, it had to have been an angel. However he knew that I was not be able to handle the consequences of hitting that girl. But, that’s okay. Karma hit her like a *itch. lol

Even though that is just one part of my backstory, any other out of this world happening is usually in my dreams. I stared death in the face in my dream. He killed everybody on the playground, except me. I still don’t know why.


This isn’t really paranormal, but I’ve seen the latest Purge and I am scared out of my mind. Like someone’s gonna come kill me,

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Ohh thats happened to be In a hotel, it was in my dream at thi one hotel with a flower painting, then I go to this hotel and it has the same flower painting

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Alright this story isn’t really scary but it gives me the creeps every time I think about it… :pensive:

So I was about eleven when this happened. I was lying in bed when all of a sudden I noticed this light on my wall. It wasn’t like a torch light or anything, it was a deformed and irregular shape with random bright and dark parts. It was moving and swaying around on this one part of my wall. I didn’t think much of it until I realized it was pitch black and there was no light source in my room. Two layers of curtains were closed and covering my windows, (not even a peak of light was coming through), my door was shut and there were no lights on in the house. I quickly looked around my room for a light but there was nothing but I found nothing.

I started panicking and ran to wake my mum up. I brought her to where the light was still swaying on the wall and pointed at it. She looked right at it and said there was nothing. I described what I was seeing that there was a light clearly moving on my wall right in front of her and she continued to tell me there was no light on my wall. We swapped beds for the night because I was terrified.

A few weeks later, my mum told her friend about what happened. Her friend (that is very religious may I point out) told my mum it might’ve been an angel. I highly doubt it though because I felt uncomfortable and scared and I doubt that is what you’re meant to feel like being visited by an angel…

In case you think it’s a dream, it’s not because still to this day my mum can remember me coming to her about a weird light on my wall. :confounded:

Are you religious? God must have saved you, I’ve heard of things like this happen before.

This isn’t paranormal, but I wasat my cousins house spending the night, an I was really scared. Just a bunch of creepy thoughts in my mind and stuff. Then, I felt a hand, or a touch on my shoulder, and all my fear just disappeared.
God can do things like that.

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One time, I was home alone in the washroom(just doing my duty) and the door was locked, like I always lock it. I was on my phone texting my friends, and suddenly I heard footsteps. I was freaking out cause it SOUNDED LIKE IT WAS right out of the door. I spent at least 15 minutes texting my friends and I kept hearing them. It was weird. I decided instead of freaking out, I was going to run out the washroom and go karate mode on them(never a smart move just saying) but I did, and I looked everywhere. Nothing at all. This story seriously gives me the creeps…I don’t know where the footsteps came from.

My family and I were at a wedding, which was hosted 4 hours from our home, so it was late like 2 am in the morning, as of this my auntie and uncle offered their spare room, of course we took it. So we drove for like 1 hour, when we arrived my dad and mum slept in the front room, and my brothers on the floor, then my sister and I in the spare bedroom. We all fell asleep, it was 4 am and all of a sudden I woke up, my sister was on the floor, the door was wide open, I didn’t want to creep myself out, so I thought she just fell out of bed, I called for her and she just wouldn’t wake up. I ignored it and went back to sleep, I know I am a crappy sister, and then I woke up after 20 minutes and then she was back in the bed, with the door closed. I literally ran out of the room and slept in the front room with my parents and brothers, once they woke up I told them everything, that is when my uncle and auntie became paranoid and were like rushing for us to get out, my parents thought it was plain rude, but I thought it was plain creepy, my sister still has a bruise on her arm after like 3 years :open_mouth:

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: