Chay ~N~ Jess's Forum Wedding! 💒


So some of you may know. But to those of you who don’t. I am getting forum married to the most wonderful woman! I’m the luckiest woman here to have someone so amazing say yes! :blush: @lilysmith10

@Jesay so finally happened to those who ship us!!! We haven’t decided on a date yet and we don’t have any details worked out… haha
Here is a list of people in the wedding so far!

Spots for wedding

Priest- @Miss_Moonlight
MOH for Chay- @Doksanwrites
Bridesmaids for Chay- @DandelionKate, @WinterMoon05 & @Circe_dreamteam
MOH for Jess- @Miss_LK
Bridesmaids for Jess- @meadowh, @jenna1012 & @Mia_Tumblr
Flower girls- @Kate_Potter & @Chesirekitten101

Guest list


Will be adding more people later!


OMG :scream:
When did this happen???


A few days ago on the confession thread!! :blush::grin:


Eyyyyy that’s choice chay
Can you add Kerub?


Thanks… idk how I forgot her… i knew I was missing people who will definitely be there…


AHHH I’m so excited!!


Me too!!! I’m so lucky!!


Congrats girls!!!


Thanks… you will be there…


Yayyy thanks can’t wait to go!




ooh just got here the weddings happening!!


No… not yet… haha… this is just for the planning and stuff


Can’t wait!!!


Lilly’s fine with me being the bridesmaid right?


I don’t see why she wouldn’t be… she Ian in the group chat thanks to you… :grin: And she doesn’t know many people… haha… an you wanted to be in the wedding so I gave you a position! :blush: I’m sure my beautiful bride to be will be so happy to have you as a bridesmaid…


:grinning: thanks!


She came up with a ship name of Jess and Chay… Jesay… :grin: Thanks for that one though it’s cute too… but not as cute as the one my wonderful woman came up with… haha @lilysmith10


SHE hasn’t been on in a while. So She hasn’t even seen the thread/topic yet… :grin::blush:


Oooh this is exciting! Could I come?