Chay's Outline contest! From my ig! Here as well!

Since I go to to 350 followers on instagram I decided to do my first ever outline contest! All can enter! Here are the rules!

Must tag me if you put your entry here!

You can choose one of three outlines to do! I have three models!




Thank you to my 3 ladies who allowed me to draw their characters! And a special thanks to the most wonderful woman!!! And my forum fiancée @lilysmith10!! :blush:

Good Luck!!! Anyone can enter!!

If you haven’t already follow me on insta @Chay_episode_615

Thanks you so much!

@Chocolate_Mama and @jassie12dw for being models!

Please tag anyone you know who might want to join!

Deadline August 31,2018!!!


@epsd.ama @meadowh @Firely_epi @Doksanwrites @Nouat_2005 @EM_EPISODE

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I don’t have iG

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That’s why I put it here… you don’t have o have ig to enter!! Lol

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Oh ok lol

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Please tag anyone you think might want to enter!!

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My brain can’t think of anyone else… lol

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hello panda whats up?

She was tagging you for the outlune contest. She thought u might be interested

maybe I mean I have no life so…possibly,

Wait why was I tagged?

She thought you would be interested in the outline contest

Oh okay

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Here is my Entry:


@Nouat_2005 thank you for your entry

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Amani new account is @epsd.ama


oh, thx

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