Chay's Outline contest! From my ig! Here as well!


Tell me?


I am joining! Hahahah


thanks for letting her know :relaxed:



I had retraced it if that’s okay…



I really wish people would stop tagging me.:unamused:


@epi.alyssaa wanna join??


I’ll think about it. When’s the deadline? :slight_smile:


August 31


I’ll see if I can, but I’m currently about to explode with requests :joy::joy:


Entering :heart:


Thank you ladies


@Chay I’m done!!!



Just finished! :laughing:



@Chay …eh!

Dedicated to my bootiful Nut! @NattyGomez …We both are pretty alike in our weirdness and I love it!
You have an amazing heart! And amazing personality, you can be a total maniac when you want to, and can be such a sweet heart at other times! That is a really, really rare quality to find in a hooman, so it makes me doubt weather you are one in first place. I love how you die each time you see a squirrel… le lizard appears for the …idk how much time
le me dies
le me wakes up
I was pretty upset I couldn’t do anything for ur B’Day so! Eh…



Omg le chashew is in tear’s
yes we are and I love it too! it make’s me laugh so much and so hard lol
I’m so glad I met you <3 No i’m not a hooman being I’m le cashew from ur moofin nose ( yeah yeah i low key admit it )
the squeerl doesn’t know I’m inmortal hehe lol but it stilll bother’s meh how many times i have to enter and exit heaven but ehh as long as i’m alive 'll live w/ it
Lee lizzard my bootiful pet wil not stop until he get’s u (( just lettin u know )
Dis is the best bday present so pewtyy
thanxs 4 the dedication
xoxo boootiful nutt and le lizzard out


ooh c I just realized you used @Chocolate_mama as a model