Cheap Art Commissions Open! ๐Ÿ’™

Hi, I am Rowen and I have been drawing art for about 2 years now. You may have seen me around on the forums a while ago, I took a little break recently. I have joined the community again with my commissions open!

Some people have been ungrateful for my art before, so as I had always done requests, I decided to at least help someone even if the person receiving art didnโ€™t use it. Therefore, all earnings from the commissions will be going to @Dara.Amarie โ€™s GoFundMe for her son.


If you have any questions, please reply here or DM me on Instagram, @rowenj_epi

I have more examples on my Instagram as well :blue_heart:

If you could, it would be amazing if you would donate to Daraโ€™s GoFundMe or at least read her experience with her newborn son.

Dara Amarie does so much for the community, with her templates, coding advice and personalised help, please help her and her family๐Ÿ’™


thats a pretty nice thing u r doing, may god help avan.



Thatโ€™s incredibly sweet of you. The world needs more people like this. :raised_hands:

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This is such a great idea. The world needs more people like you, to spread kindness and live everywhere. I wish you the best of luck! :heartpulse:

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