Cheap arts and moodboards!

Heya! I’m Polly and I have my commissions open!
Here you can see what I can do for you and my prices (they’re really low!).
I take commissions through my Instagram: pollyotty.episode :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
You can also visit my Boosty account and support me: PollyOtty - exclusive content on Boosty


Hi, your work looks amazing! However, I don’t think you should be charging for moodboards as the images used to make them aren’t free for commercial use :sparkles:


I understand that you spent a lot of time on it and want to be compensated for it. However, it’s still inportant to consider the copyright implications when using images from sources like Pinterest. Even if you edit and color the images yourself, it doesn’t change the fact that the original images may not be free for commercial use, and using them in a way that generates income could potentially be a copyright violation.

That’s what I’m trying to say. I know how much time it can take as I’ve made mood boards as well, but so far the images are being used to do something that generates income, then it’s still wrong.


Hi is your price negotiable ?

Unless you create the moodboard photos yourself, it is a copyright infringement to use other people’s assets and sell them off.

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I agree with people. Even if you edit the pictures you don’t claim these pictures. Nor spending time to find (not create) pictures cannt be qualified as something that you can get paid for. I’m sorry if it sounds rude. However the art that you do can 100% be commissioned

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Hey! My prices are fixed except the moment you have some special commissions.

Do you. know what $9 is in euros?

It’s like 8,20€

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Oh okey