Cheap open commissions

Hey if you know anyone that has affordable commissions please let me know. I looked at a lot of art accounts and there all closed. They can’t be to pricey because I am a broke high schooler.


This shop has members who do free drawn art (:

:butterfly: Epi Meraki’s Shop! :butterfly: [OPEN/FREE] - Creator’s Corner / Art Resources - Episode Forums (

@lgepisodes just opened (:


Hey I am opened and my price are very cheap if u want to see my prices and art my insta is 2eerina
It is having a 30% discount as well

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Hey there, my commissions are open! I charge $30 USD for two people, waist up. Anything different than that (ie. less characters, extra characters, full body, neck up, etc.), we can work out a price we’re both comfortable with!


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hey, what’s your budget? i’m an artist w open commissions and you can check out my prices here! they’ve been reduced :))

Hello!!! Im open for commission!! you can dm me here or on my insta @ZamiraArts
Im open for discussion with the price as long as its not unreasonable :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Here are some samples of my work ^-^

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