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Story descriptions can only be 180 characters long, right? Now I’m almost certain though, that I’ve seen stories with at least twice as long descriptions… :thinking: Plus things like “CC, M/F LI, choices matter” which also take up some room :sweat_smile:
Now the question: am I tripping or is there a way to cheat that 180 character limit?


I don’t think there’s a way and you add the MC/CC in your description by simply going to writers portal go to the story you want to write this on then go to the description area and you will find a keyboard box I think that’s what’s it for but again I am not sure! You can try

I know that :sweat_smile: That was not my question. Just that I’ve seen stories that have longer descriptions than 180 characters and was wondering how they did that. Because the font seemed also smalled :thinking:

The eyes can be deceiving, but if you count them character by character, you’ll find out that it’s actually within the 180 character limit and that the author just made good use of it.

In most stories, the extra details are usually on the large cover or a part of the title.

Unless there was a time that episode allowed for more than that.

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Yeah, I think you’re right :sweat_smile: Thanks.

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