Check and tell me if meh art is good?!?!

Hey, Ima Dasha, and check out meh art:


Does these look good?

  • Those look great!
  • Those look bad!

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If you voted bad, then comment what I need to fix!
BE HONEST! Don’t vote that they’re great if you think they’re bad, or vice versa. Don’t purposely vote bad if you think they’re good.
(Btw, those aren’t really supposed to look like Episode characters or like human beings. This is meh style, so…)

  • Dasha

ooh some criticism is coming


on the first picture, the eyebrows have some white spots between the “hairs”…? idk, it just looks a little bit weird to me, but it’s not really a huge thing to notice. the jaw is a little bit asymmetrical, but I’m not sure if the face was supposed to be tilted or not. about the lips, I’m not sure, yet again, if they should be tilted. and the eye color looks a little bit too neon-ish, it stands out a little too much; the colors used in the picture are grey-ish toned (except for the lips), and the eyes are like “hi, I’m right here.” :joy: jokes aside, it’s alright.

as for the second picture, there’s improvement. I would’ve drawn the arms a liiiiiitle bit closer to the body, but other than that the pose looks pretty natural to me. I’m impressed on the lips!
the wrinkles on the clothes look a little bit randomly placed (except for the area where the arm bends). a way to fix this is by using references.
the right hand… eeh. the fingers are the same length. I KNOW how hard it is to draw hands, believe me. again, fix this by using references.

the lashes on both pieces are… chunky. like a poorly applied mascara, y’know?
one last thing on the second drawing:

see what I did here? I rotated it, and look at what I’ve found… the right cheek looks too fat, and the right eye is placed too high. it’s not really a huge thing, but if I were you, I’d draw the face at a normal angle THEN rotate it to avoid things like these.

I hope I didn’t come out as harsh, just giving out some criticism! :hugs: I’m pretty sure your art will improve with time! practice, practice and practice is the tip I can give you AND USE REFERENCES! hope you did understand what I pointed out, english isn’t my first language (:

EDIT: found a pose reference that could’ve been used for the second picture, it looks pretty similar (is this, by any chance, the one you used?)
EDIT2: (woah, so many edits) I am not an expert! I know just basic human anatomy and I’m a passionate drawing nerd.


Whoa…that’s exactly what I referred to! :joy:
Thanks for your criticism! :smile:

glad I could help! :heart: I hope it wasn’t too harsh

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To be honest, I kinda like the harshness, if ya know what I mean because now I can try to practice and improve my art.

yep, I know exactly what you mean! people are harsh on my art all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

You should PM me your art, I really want to see it, lol. :joy:

1.I think the first one need to be edited cause if you look at it it look like its missing a piece of hair

2.The head look a little like side way

3.The ear look a little different

  1. The second picture is good but one hand look a little bigger than the other one

but the rest look great

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aw, I’m too shy to show it to people! maybe some other time.

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Oh okie! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the tips! :slightly_smiling_face:

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sorry if i was a little harsh

That’s fine! Like I told @nemimutt, harsh feedback is totally fine!

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I think I have all the answers I need. @Jeremy or @Ryan, can any of ya close this topic? :slightly_smiling_face: