Check out my background!


Despite nearly going blind for an hour or two I created this background ^^
Opinions please! Also if you want to use it please give credit to me ^_^/

Also if you have a request I’ll be happy to make a splash for you :smile:
I just finished these two girls room, I would really like your opinions on them ^^

Basic kitchen


Still LOVE IT! :heart_eyes::sob::heart::joy:

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I didn’t know how to make a poll :joy: thank you for making one :grinning:


For a poll when you are typing here click on the gear looking symbol


That is boootiful! :fire:


Thank you :blush:


I am Shook


LIKE HOW!? It’s literally incredibly amazing


Editing, time and effort :nerd_face: and having fun while making your background or anything you make


Topic moved to Art Resources since it isn’t a feature request. :wink:


Thank you!


It’s so good ! I’m sure it took you a super long time to do this. I love the details and the fact that you got inspired from the already existing clothes in game. :grinning:


Thank you for the comment :sparkles: But If I look at the picture again I can spot a few mistakes T_T Plus its really fun ! it doesn’t take more then an hour or two ^^


Do you think you’ll do some more? :bird:

Because this game needs more modern backgrounds! Have you seen the classroom and keyboard one? Super outdated! I’ll be happy to follow, use your work and credit you in my stories once it’s completed !

Already saved this one in my gallery.


That makes me happy ^//^ you already saved the picture, well tell me what you have in mind and I can try to make it :slight_smile:
Oh you know making it fit for your story specifically if you want :slight_smile:


You’re so nice :fairy:

I was thinking of a small classroom (it doesn’t have to be detailed at all) with this kind of vibe/colors

Do you think that’s okay ?


That’s really fine, The colors look so refined ^^
So would this background be okay? I’ll change the color to the blue you want
The important part is if you want a blackboard in the front or not


Maybe instead of a blackboard do a whiteboard those are more modern :woman_shrugging:t2:


Yeah thats what I thought too but I really wanted to put two windows in the middle, I thought that would look nice