Check Out my first story "Forbidden love"

Hello everyone :slight_smile: Please check out my story named “Forbidden love”
It’s about a very beautiful girl who has that passion photography.
Her parents are extremely demanding with their daughter Rosey because she doesn’t want their daughter to have a future in which to worry about tomorrow.
Rosey’s parents use often this word “responsabile” and is make them look like responsabile parents but here is more about Honor and respect they care more about How to be respected in society and how to keep them status up .
In my opinion this story is good and interesting please give it a try and if you was start to write a story and you need readers send me link i will read them and give you a full review #episodecomunity and oh i forgot in scene will be a bad boy and more things are coming up. +CC
Here is details about story
Title: Forbidden love
Numbers of episode : 13

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