Check out My New Episode Story! Let’s get more reads! 😊

Story: Love Is A Game
Author: Cath P.

: Story link
Hello guys! You are probably thinking that I am extremely desperate for reads on my story. But, i want those reads because I want to expand my writing skills. I have done Episode stories, but I have never finished because I was always going of and on. This is probably the story I have worked the hardest on. So, please go check it out! Who knows maybe it will suit your style of reading?


Do you want to do read for read? x


Title: My Strength
Author: Katiekate
Description: Life has never been simple for Eden. There is only one person in the world who can keep her happy. What happens when someone new enters her life. Will that number multiply?
Genre: Drama
Instagram: @katiekate.episode

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cute! I will read it! Do you have instagram so we can be friends?

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Yes it’s @katiekate.episode x

Cool! here is mine @cathyywrites

I’ve followed you x

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Sure! I’ll check out your story! And I don’t think you’re desperate. There is a promote your story section for a reason.

Thank You!

I just published my first story too! Will you give mine a read as well?

yep! go ahead and send me the info

Okay here is the cover!
Author: KayTheAppreciator
Title: I Was Gonna Be Their Father
Instagram: kta_episode


Hey, do you want to do read for read?

Story : Let the demon inside
Gender: Supernatural romance
Description: You have to move back to Dimwood because of you brother. What will you find there? Love, death or supernatural freinds?


yeah sure

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I’ll read your story tomorrow , it’s pretty late now) thanks:hugs:

Hey, Ive read your story and the main idea looks pretty interesting(but I`d work on animations and script)


Same for you too. The characters don’t appear on the screen, so maybe some directing help would work. But the plot is really good!

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I absolutely love your story! I especially love that the MC doesn’t let anyone walk all over her and is strong. I feel like there needs to be more stories like this out there! I’ve left you fanmail x