Check out my new limelight story "Fame Or Love" on episode. Fanmail page is open for feedback

Title: “Fame Or Love”
Author Gifted
Style: Limelight
Genres: Drama/Mystery
Number of Episodes published: 4
**Link to story on episode **
Story Description: Gifted is a struggling artist, who faces many hardships, misfortunes, and adversaries while pursuing her dreams as an artist. She travels to a million dollar recording company to pursue her dreams as an artist, only to find out, she is later forced to make a sacrifice between fame, and love. When it comes to fame, and love, nothing is as it seems.
Storyline focuses on diversity, and real life experiences that people endure while pursuing fame, and love.
Fanmail page is open

I’d love to read your story. Could you please read mine? Our stories are kind of similar. They both deal with young woman trying to make their dreams come true! Thank you. And if you read it, could you please give me some feedback? I will do the same for you! :grinning:

Title: Addison
Author: Gabbie C.
Episode Style: Limelight
Summary: Addison moves to Los Angeles to become a singer. But when she forsakes herself for a record deal, and mixes business with pleasure, will she be able to prevail over evil?
Genre: Drama
Number of Episodes: 5
Status: More episodes coming soon…

Yeah I’ll read it now and leave the feedback in your fanmail.

Okay, I will! Thank you! I’m going to read your story right now! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback. I left you some feedback on your story as well. Thanks for taking the time to review my story.

You’re welcome! Thanks for reading my story! :grinning:

You’re welcome, and I hope you like the comment I left on your fanmail page.

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Yes! I loved it! You’re so sweet! I worked really hard on my story. And before I read your comment…I was feeling very discouraged, because no one was reading my story. I’ve been finding it really difficult to continue. But your inspiring words have helped me want to continue! Thank you for your kindness! :heart:

You actually sound like me cause that’s how I feel but I think the right people are going to notice your story and that it will standout from the rest. I’m more than willing to share, and recommend your story on page. I like seeing others excel and succeed in life and you’re a great writer who deserves to be recognized. Your time will definelty come. Until then continue to write. The right people will notice your story and will support you as an author. I’m actually thinking about discontinuing my story as well but apart of me is saying not to. Please don’t give up on your passion it was meant for you to publish your story on episode. Everything happens for a reason, and for a purpose.:heart:

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No! Don’t discontinue your story. I’ve just started following you on instagram! And I saw your post about quitting your story after episode five. And I really don’t want you to! I agree with you, so much! Episode and the episode community can and does feel like a popularity competition, most times. And I do agree with you, the more ridiculous the story, the more people flock to it! I don’t understand that! Your story is so inspiring! And I love the diversity in your story! It’s well written and the directing is bomb! And please don’t worry about trolls bothering you with that character customization nonsense. I don’t need it! In fact, I actually don’t like character customization. I love the vision of your story! You are showcasing a young, black woman, chasing her dreams. I find that commendable! Please don’t give up! I know episode is hard and I know they’re not appreciating you, right now. But I really hope things change for the better! You’re an amazing writer and you deserve all the best! :heart:

And I really appreciate you, I’m really hoping my story does, just what you said. I’m hoping it’s just a matter of time. Sometimes it’s all about supporting someone! I’ll gladly continue reading your story! I would love to see what happens in the end! :heart:

Thank you so much for everything you just said it feeds me hope as a writer, and author. Not to many understand why I narrated and wrote my story the way so did, and it’s good to know that there are people such as yourself, who understand my story. I like the character customization to a certain extent but I feel like the more realistic the storyline is, the more engaged the readers will be. Not including character customization didn’t take away the stories concept nor does it mean the story won’t be amazing, or worth reading. Your whole response in regards to my story is very inspiring. Thank you for understanding my story. I recommended your story on my page so that others can read your story. I’m confident you will do an even more amazing job when it comes to your storyline. You didn’t write the average “fame or love cliche story” so you will definitely get far as well. You are helping so many people right now by not being like everyone else on Episode, and writing things from a real life point of view, and perspective. :heart:

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I am so happy that I was able to give you hope! I loved the way you wrote your story. I loved the flashbacks and the character development. I agree with you, a story should be intriguing with or without character customization. I also, wanted to thank you again for your kindness on instagram! You were so kind to me! I appreciate you trying to help me and my story. I will never be able to thank you enough for today. Yes, I was really hoping my story wasn’t cliche. I am so happy that you noticed that my story isn’t about fame but music. I really wanted to be as realistic as possible and I was hoping that people could appreciate that. I am so happy that you were one of those people. Thank you, I’m really hoping that I can keep writing my story. I don’t want to sacrifice the quality of my story for anyone. I can’t wait to read more from you! You’re writing is fantastic! :heart:

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