Check out my new story: Wild & Wicked

Story Title: Wild & Wicked

Story Description: Axton Stone is a man consumed by the fury of vengeance for all those who had wronged him, until April Black walks in. Will she be able to save him from himself or will she get engulfed by his inner demons?

  • Story link: Episode Writer Portal

  • Genre: Romance; Drama; Comedy

  • Story Style: Episode Limelight

  • Q. Who are the Main Characters in the story?
    A. April Black, Axton Stone, Caleb Knight, and Ryder Steele.

  • Q. Why should we read your story?
    A. It’s a rom-com, thriller, and drama series that’s going to entertain, and will keep you hooked till the very end.

  • Q. Will there be choices in the story?
    A. Yes, starting from the 5th episode.

  • Q. Will there be art scenes?
    A. Of course, there will be art scenes throughout the story!

  • Q. How many love interests are going to be there in the story?
    A. Patience, baby :shushing_face:
    You’re gonna find out later;)

  • Q. How many episodes / seasons are you planning to publish / write?
    A. Around 20 episodes for each season.

  • Q. How to find my story / my account on Episode?
    A. Search for my story: Wild & Wicked / search for my account: Sukirti Rath in the official Episode App.

  • Author: Sukirti Rath

  • For sneak peeks and updates, follow me on Instagram: @sukirticreates

Guys, do give it a read.
Also, your feedbacks are really important.
Send me screenshots, and tag me on Instagram!
Hope you guys would love this story:)

Hope you all are doing well during these tough times!
Please regularly wash and sanitize your hands, and also, wear your masks. Be safe! :white_heart:


Is there any cc in your story?

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