Check out my story...also doing instagram shoutouts!


Hey guys check out my story if you’re looking for new stories! :slight_smile:

Also down to do some instagram shout outs of your stories…just follow me and send me your story :).
I’m a small account just trying to help :slight_smile: and grow with y’all.

Instagram @aaywrites


Title: A Prince’s Curse
By: lanafrazer_episode
Instagram: lanafrazer.episode
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 3
Style: Limelight
Description: Cursed for eternity, shocked by his betrothed, he will not stop until he finds a solution to end his curse. What will become of his betrothed? Will he find a cure or love?

I’d love to do a r4r with you.

Here’s mine, lmk if you read it :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

Title: Just Friends 4&5

Author: Emma J

Genre: Drama/Romance/Mystery

Style: LL

Episodes: 5 released (more coming)

Description: Returned home after 1.5 year. People are not the same, but neither are you. But everything goes downhill when last year’s problems reappears.


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Well, hi. My name is Amina, and few minutes ago I released my new story “One last time!” It’s not my first story I have ever wrote, but I have to say this story is one of my favourite stories I have ever wrote. Today, I’m here to promote my story and do R4R because I know how hard it is to grow your stories.
So, if you wanna promote your story you can do that and if you want we can do R4R together.

Story name: One last time!
Chapters: 3
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Description: When one normal girl came into world full of fame, full of problems, she’ll regret her choices and she will try to escape, but unfortunately, she’ll see one big problem.

Thank you.

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Title: I’m No Stranger
Author: Briana M.
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 8 (ongoing)
Style: Limelight
Description: Adrienne, a mixed girl, struggles to find her purpose and identity in the world. To complicate things even more, a bad boy wants her, and someone is out to destroy her.
Instagram: brianam.stories


Hi, I would like to recommend my story, please give some of your time to visit and read it.
Title: Love my Flaws
Author: Carnation
Story Description: YOU, a Girl with Flaws (trust issues and more) and HIM, a campus Cold-Bad boy who set his eyes on you, What will happen when fate decided to pull you both together?
Chapters: 3 episodes and there’s more to come
Instagram: @mariaeloisabuenavista98

Message me if you like it or not
you can also send me screenshots from my story that you like the most.

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i will dm the ss to you! do like this reply so that i know that u r ready to do rfr with me!
Story Name : Necromancers (LL)
Chapters Available: 3
Eve and Zeke are the last Necromancers. Demons ravel. Truths to be told. One big mistake can change everything in a few seconds. Remember it’s just the beginning of the end…
Choices: Yes a few matters to determine the relationship with LI and mini fights.
CC: Limited
IG: @epi.enchantress

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I’ll do R4R with anyone who’s interested :blush:

Title: Her Alpha, His Omega
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 13 (ongoing)
Description: Ellis is set to become Alpha on his twenty-first birthday IF he can find himself a suitable wife, but what happens when he falls for an Omega from a rival pack?

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I’m reading yours now, really exciting so far :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

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Thank you! I’ll make sure to check out yours and I’ll let you know when I do! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Hiii! I would love to do a read for read! Let me know if you’re up for it :))

Title: Three Empty Words
Author: Sophia and Eleonor
Genre: Drama
Style: Ink


Hey! I love your story I’m not done with it yet but I just wanted to let you know, that this story needs to blow uppp! I have no doubt it will the directing the dialogue everything wowowowow just amazing!! Do you have an instagram for your episode story?

Forsure! Let’s do it!

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I think it’s only fair if I tell you that there were some errors in your story. The speechbubbles were spotted incorrectly, and so were the characters. Overall, I think your story does have potential, but I felt like things escalated a bit too fast.

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Hey there! I’m interested in doing a R4R :star_struck:

Story title: She’s Mine

Episodes: 4 (ongoing)

Instagram: @litzyepisode

Short description: After a failed relationship, Ximena gives up on the idea of dating. That is until she meets Ethan, a sweet guy who she meets out of the blue. Will she end up falling for him?


Anyways thank you very much!

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Okay, thank you! I’m working on fixing the little stuff since I rewrote the whole thing again lol! Thank you I’ll make sure to check yours out!

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Here, I read the first 5 episodes of your story :heart::heart::heart:

:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:love it! Just wanted to say that some characters kinda floated around instead of walking. Other than that everything’s awesome!

Hi anyone up for a R4R message me here or on IG @Epi.a.bstories