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Hello again!


Me: That’s a good question - a really good question that I am not going to answer.


So, about my story - Crossed Paths.

I have received a bunch of praise, encouragement, and love from the community. Something I cannot be any more thankful for!

Story Name: Crossed Paths

Author Name: Dreamer

Link: 3

New cover coming soon!

Episodes: 7 and onwards

Description/Short Summary of the Story:

This story explores issues such as race, sexuality, loss as well as love - this is a story with a message and I wish to share ma story with you all. It is not only centered around romance but Mindy’s life as well as all the characters around her - you get to learn about the universe I made.

Again, I would be honoured if you could join the DREAM TEAM! (hehe I don’t have a name for readers of the story so forgive me :joy:)


Days xx


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Y’all I worked my butt off to make that post.

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coughs in an unsubtle manner

It’s too long cough cough



Thank you, I will fix that.



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Do you have any tips on creating a plane crash scene for Marooned?
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Hmm, I am not great at those but I recommend smoke, camera shakes and panic.



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How the frick do you recommend I do that? :joy::joy:

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Whenever I see somebody replying to me, it gives me anxiety :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Hmm, okay so it could be a generic airplane ride.

THENN some dude is like wait what is going on?

Then you do the camera shake thingy

After that people are shook af (you can zoom out on the passengers)

Smoke overlay.

Camera shake thingy again.

Fades to black and everyone on the island like k we gonna die.

:joy::joy::joy: so sorry I am such a wreck



Actually I am a plane wreck :joy::sob:


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@Dara.Amarie WE NEED YOOOOUU!!

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Irl daughter or fake daughter? If it’s irl, GO TALK TO EACH OTHER. YOU GUYS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE BONDING IRL. If it’s fake, it’s still weird


Forum daughter :joy::joy::joy:


I’ll read your story :grinning: