Check out my story "forbidden love"


whos story??


She say about yours :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Ohhhh right thx


Hi thanks I made the cover :blush:


Hey i want to read your story i have a lot of time i will give you full review but i want you to read mine too my story called forbidden love i know if you search the title you will not find it so search daniela_episode then you will find it so im ready for READS :slight_smile:


I will do a R4R. How many chapters you want me to read?


Max 3 thats all
If you like is good if not thats ok :slight_smile:


I read your story. I will message you what I thought.

This is my story.

And the link:

Thank you


Of course i will go read now and thank you for reading my story i appreciate so much and i will give you my opinion about your story here :slight_smile: