Check out my story magicka: vampire curse ❤

This is my first story about vampires , demons andother creatures . But I am going to break all of the rules!

Story description
Mary was an ordinary person , until George showed up in her life and put everything up side down…
It turns out that all the whole life she lived in lie…What will happen next?

Genre: fantazy
Full CC, LI*CC

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I’m confused as to why you have Magicka in your title. Based off your IG page, your story been out since January 26.

hmmm that’s a good question

I had mistake, I though i should add this title for contest from beggining

Author: Aoi Okumura

Title: You’re Mine

Description: You’re a half demon with heterochromia abandoned by your mom. When a Christian girl crosses your path will you two get along CC LL MC customize MC

Style: limelight

Genre: romance

Chapters: 4 more coming soon

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Story seems interesting ! I will read it when I have time :pizza:

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