Check out this thread if you are good in English! [TEMPORARILY CLOSED]

Hello, everyone! I need someone who can correct some grammatical mistakes used in my story. If you are:

(1) A native speaker (AE)
(2) Not a native speaker (AE) but can speak fluent English and have good English writing skills
(3) Interested in helping me after reading my story

Please leave a reply down below. When replying, please state the following questions:

(1) Are you a native speaker (AE)? If you are not, how well is your proficiency in English?
(2) The link of your story (if you have)
(3) Your Instagram (if you have)

Here is the information of my story:

Name of Story: Reasons Why He Left
Author Name: Irong Lee
Instagram: @ironglee.episode

Description: You cannot forget your nice and considerate ex-boyfriend who walked out on you without any explanation, but when he comes back into your life, you find out he is not the person he used to be… A story about secrets, relationships, love, and Chinese mythology. [Customize characters and choices matter]

Though this story is currently on hold because I’m working on a contest story, I can still devote the time to correcting the grammatical mistakes. If you help me with this, I will:

(1) Credit you in my story
(2) Continue to follow your story if I think the story you left is great
(3) Follow you on Instagram
(4) Give you some coding helps if I have time

I’ll very appreciate your help. Thank you!

Forgot to mention, there are only three chapters need your help! :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

The link is not working?? :thinking:

Really??! :scream::scream::scream:

Here is the link:

Maybe it isn’t working because I updated the story again an hour ago. Thank you for telling me this! If the link is still not working, please search it by typing the name of the story. :slight_smile:

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: