Check User IP Addresses

Okay, so on the art forum I used to be very active on, every one was allowed ONE account. Just like here:

If someone had another account for any reason, they would be suspended. Now, I noticed that some users have created alternate accounts for various reasons, but especially for bullying or trolling. If it’s not a thing already, it would be more effective to check the IP addresses of accounts to keep users safe.

Thank you. ~ :cherries:


I get what you’re saying and agree to some extent.

If you had siblings, for example, and you live in the same house, you will use the same IP Address. Therefore, in that scenario, siblings would be banned just for using the same IP Address. This could apply to anyone such as friends, family, colleagues etc.

There would need to be a way of proving that one person has created multiple accounts.


Yup, I notice this too. A LOT. There are a few accounts I could name (some I merely suspect and some I KNOW is another user trying to be incognito whilst they troll and/or disrupt threads that are usually diversity related) but I won’t lmao.

Anyway, hopefully something is done about this. They think they’re being sneaky but it’s so obvious :woman_shrugging:


The forum team already has this capability. If you see an account that you 100% know is an alt and can provide us with the proof from a post, thread or PM that the user created, please flag the offending post, thread or private message and the team will address it as soon as they can. Thanks.


Agreed! But my only concern is about people who live in the same house. Let’s say I had a twin who had the same computer as me. That’s my only issue with that though, I still think it’s a great idea!


But I have another account, nooooooo. :disappointed:

Some of us had unpleasant experiences in the community -such as an IG story causing problems when the one who blamed me did the same thing lolololol- so had to change names for a few reasons… If I had the chance, I would close my other account, I just don’t know how.

I don’t want to get banned for an account I didn’t use for months, and that I don’t plan on using. And I’m not sure how IP ban would help, surely most people know how to change their IP… (I promise I won’t, just don’t ban me, I’ll gladly close my other account :flushed:)


You could probably send a ticket to Episode team or talk to somebody about it and get it resolved! I’m sure they’ll understand <3

I’ve seen this sorta thing happen before where people had an account before and mentioned it. Sydney was like “What’s the account, we can close it for you.” So >.> There’s that ^^


Oh, okay, thanks for the help!


I try ^^ <3

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Okay. I was just checking if this was already a thing.


Thank you for this.

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Well sh*t.

Staying on topic, it’s kinda creepy to know that people can see your IP address on here…


IP addresses are accessible from any chat platform or app if you know how to do it. It’s more of a security measure than a scare tactic. So no worries :slight_smile:


Oh. But how is it a security measure?

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^^ There are many reasons why the team needs access to this info. Above are two reasons :slight_smile:


That makes more sense. Thanks!!

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uhh big disagree


I have multiple accounts bc I lose my phone like everyday. And I forget passwords.

As long as you don’t shutdown everyone with multiple accounts, I’m fine with that. Only do it to people who comment constant negativity and bully