Checking out my Stories!

Hey everyone!

My name is Chanel and I have currently written two stories which I want to be checked out for feedbacks!

  1. “The widow next door.” - Taking place in the 1920s, Esmerelda the widow next door is not what she seems!
    It has only four episodes and not much chances, but I wanted peoples opinions and suggestions!

  2. “Keeping up with the stars.” - Have you ever wanted to know what the stars be up too? Well this is your luck, tune in to keeping up with the stars!
    It’s super funny, well in my own point of view. It has comedy/humor, I just started writing it just today! So I have 3 episodes and plenty more to come. I didn’t do choices until I update Episode 4 just to hear and get people’s opinions and suggestions! It’s no offense to celebrities I love them all!

Please check out if anyone is wanting to read a new story! I’m new at this and I used my phone to edit all this!

Best regards,
Chanel Ferris

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Any covers?

covers as in that I make? Well I don’t make covers but I’m searching for someone who can do covers so I am able to upload for people to see…
The covers I’m using is the episode version, it’s in the comedy cover version.
Would you know anyone who does covers?

Best regards,
Chanel Ferris

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Yeah. I do. I do outline art.

@Raybadem. She’s good. She outlines like me.

Also that is not her pfp.

If you are able to do my poster, I’d be so happy! I’m thinking of a white background with the title “Keeping up with the stars” In huge black title like “Keeping up with the kardashian’s” title theme.

Best Regards,
Chanel Ferris

I’m currently writing a story called “Forestlodge” Feel like deleting my old stories lmao if Episode can make a delete button that would be great cause my old stories are cringe worthy and bad.