Checking points goes wrong


So I give readers the chance to check their points at the end of the chapter, but something keeps going wrong:

this is my script:

} “How many Skills points do I have?” {
You have [5024236996591616] point(s).

I found this on Dara-Amaries website, but with me it keeps saying the characters number instead of ‘you have 2 points’
What am I doing wrong?

Are you previewing the code without having gained any points with the character previously?
This usually happens with labeled variables that don’t yet have a value assigned to them, such as previewing with a player-named character.

Okay thanks.

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to avoid this write on the start of rhe chapter your point name +0


this will not conflict the number of points reader has but will help the script to register the pointsystem in the chapter and then it will show you the points even if reader has not gaibed anny

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