Checking up on you guys

Hey Guys! At the moment I’ve been secluding myself from episode and only recently got back into it. Lately I’ve been loosing all my friends and My depression is kinda kicking it’s way back in my life. You guys are really the only people who I can come to. I just wanted to see how you are all doing and I want to thank you for how much support y’all have been showing me on Change Of Heart! That has cheered me up a lot. You guys are only really the people who are nice to me and I want to thank you for that too. If you have any questions in general, about anything such as: Change Of Heart, Me, My other writers and things like that. Feel free to ask, I’m going to try and answer all of y’all guys questions.
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:blob_sun: Hey There, Your Probably Having A Rough Time Right Now, I Know Its Hard To Tell People What Depression Feels Like I Know Because I Have Been There, I Know Depression Feels Like A Long Car Ride And Your In The Passenger Seat, Just Watching Life Go By. But Remember This, All Feelings Change. I Told Someone On Here This A Few Days ago. They Were So Nervous About an Exam So I Told Them No Matter What Feelings Change. An Everlasting Cycle Of Feelings, That’s What Life Is. Otherwise We Would All Just Be Bored. People Will Tell You, “I Miss The Old You” The People Who Tell You That Are Undoubtedly The People Who Made You How You Are Now. So My Advice, Wipe The Slate Clean! Put Your Hair Up, Throw Out Everything You Don’t Need, The Toxic People, The Horrible Thoughts, And Depression. Because I Know You Will Get Through It, If You Ever Need More Help You Can PM Me. :blob_sun:
:blob_sun: Persevere Through This Short Story Called Life, Without Regrets, And You’ll Be Just Fine. :blob_sun:

(っ◔◡◔)っ :blob_sun: I Promise. :blob_sun:

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