Cheeky little promo for my latest story!

Title: Lucky Penny

Author: Writer Roxie

Genre: Romance

Description: 17 year old Grace lands on hard times, but then she meets a sexy stranger. Will he be her knight in shining armour?

Are there any CC: No

Episodes: 40(ish)

Completed: Almost!!

How often are uploads (if not completed): Weekly

LL/INK/Classic: LL

How long are episodes on average: 15-30 mins (ish)

Do choices matter: No

How many endings are there: One

Give it a read. It’s almost completed!
Thanks guys,


Are you interested in a R4R?

Yeah sure :+1:t3:

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Wanna do a 7x7?

Never done one before. What does it entail?

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I read 7 chapters of your story and you read 7 of mine as well.

Sorry for late reply. Been out all day. Sounds good. Will make a start tonight :slight_smile:

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Np! I’m reading yours rn!

there u go!

And there YOU go lol!

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Ty for reading!

Hey, do you mind putting the link as i can’t seem to find your story.

Sure …hopefully this will work

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Wanna do read for read?


Yeah sounds good. How many chapters?

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You’re welcome. Hope you enjoy it!

My story has 3 chapters ! Story name is “Master of elements” link :
Send me screenshots after reading :blush:! I am reading your story now.

Which one is your story ? :thinking:

The second from top

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